Caleb Caldwell

Vice President

As a third year, Mechanical Engineering Major here at THE Ohio State University, Caleb has a deep passion for Design and Creativity. Being creative, and thinking outside of the box, is fundamental to who he is as a person, and is part of what he does on a daily basis. Growing up right here in Columbus Ohio, OSU has been in his backyard for as long as he can remember.

“My passion for Design Engineering arose from years of playing with Legos as a kid, and taking apart old electronics. Since then, my drive to know how things work, and build creative solutions has never stopped!”

When he’s not in class, or studying, he is hard at work behind the scenes in the leadership of multiple different student organizations on Campus. He is incredibly excited to be a part of The Maker Club this year, and wants to make the most of getting people from all backgrounds involved with making and creating!