Derek Hendrock

Derek Hendrock is a third year Materials Science and Engineering major at OSU, having transferred from the Mansfield satellite campus after his first year of college. He is specializing in polymer research and biomaterials to bring about the cyborg revolution. Some of his favorite things are coffee, gigantic wrenches, and sarcasm.

Outside of class, Derek spends most of his time playing D&D or cooking up near-zero budget projects. He’s built model rockets, a recumbent trike, several autonomous robots, and a handful of his own costumes. All of these projects were made despite him being born with the manual dexterity of a lobster.

To help compensate for having crustacean finesse, Derek built his own 3d printer and is currently using it to print the parts for a CNC router. Given the choice between a hand tool and a power tool, he’ll choose the power tool every time.

“Shut me down. Machines building machines. How perverse” -C3PO