Ryan Stutzman


Ryan is a Computer Science and Engineering major in his third and final year according to OSU. He transferred in with an Associates Degree in Computer Science and is looking to obtain an even better knowledge of how computers and electronics function so that he can help transform the future. He has an extreme passion for the world of technology and his world pretty much revolves around technology and engineering. One of his goals is to create or invent something that most people use in their everyday lives.

When he actually has some free time to do whatever he wants (which isn’t very often), he usually has some sort of engineering project that he is working on. Over the summer, he built an FPV quadcopter and got quite interested in radio controlled aerial vehicles. He always has some sort of project going on. Currently he is working on creating an outlet box that is controlled by a microcontroller that will be able to sync lights turning on and off to music, thus creating a light show.

A quote that he thought of and pretty much lives by is below:

Anything in the world can be done. You just have to figure out how to do it.